The Why & How

Why do you need a sizzle reel?

Living in this world of social media having a sizzle reel is a must for people and companies that want to sell, promote, and get the word out about their products, shows, ideas or talent. It’s a calling card that makes an impression. It’s what gives you the edge over your competition.

Written out pitches, resumes, presentations and old school talent reels are things of the past. In order to get buyers, producers and talent scouts interested you need to have a visually exciting and dynamic video that will really catch their eye and make them take notice.

Having a 2 to 5 minute sizzle reel is all you need today to help you sell, grow and create your brand.

Reel Sizzle is a company that has more than 20 years experience in the television and film business. The writers, producers, directors and editors we use have worked on several network and cable television shows. Some have won Emmys; but most importantly they have sold shows off of sizzle reels. They know what works and what it takes to bring your ideas and concepts to life.

What ever your needs
If you have video already shot for your sizzle and you just need it to be storyboarded and cut. We can do it.

If you need your sizzle scripted, shot and edited. We can do it.

If your sizzle reel needs graphics, music, pictures or video. We can find them.

If you have an idea for a sizzle reel and want us to help make it come to life. We can make it happen.

Whatever format you need it delivered on. We can deliver it.